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Perfection. In every detail.

Our stainless steel outside lights combine state-of-the-art electronics with something that is most rare in this day and age: craftsmanship. In cooperation with experienced craftsmen, each of our luminaires is made individually by hand in many steps.


Clear contours in stainless steel luminaires are a genuine rarity. Normally, stainless steel is bent, producing gentle curves instead of an exact 90° angle. By contrast, we apply a precise V-groove to the inside edge of every corresponding luminaire. This gives us the consistent profile that lets you recognize luminaires already from afar.


An evenly brushed stainless steel surface is the result of concentrated manual grinding at the grinder’s bench. Each piece is brushed twice with different strengths. To achieve a truly perfect effect, the grinder needs many years of experience. His attention only needs to wander once to spoil the whole finish and make the luminaire completely unfit for use.

Welding stainless steel

It takes experience, a sensitive touch and a steady hand to weld a stainless steel body with the necessary precision. Here again, true skill is only achieved when the finished product looks completely effortless.


The final step after brushing the parts consists of scotching – the icing on the cake, so-to-speak. Manual polishing with felt belts gives the surface of the luminaire the silky matt patina which characterizes our stainless steel lumianire. Moreover, a scotched surface is resistant to fingerprints and pleasantly easy to clean.