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mox poller


With a clear and reduced shape, the mox poller generates an extensive, widespread lighting effect. Three power LEDs create maximum luminosity across the whole area.

mox poller

The formally reduced bollard with 180° light output is equipped with 3 Power LEDs and a power of 840 lumen.

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Technical data

light technology installation material protection class EEC


230V Power LED

3000K warm white

L70/50.000 h

connection terminal 3 x 2,5 mm²; possibility of through wiring with Y-connector inside luminaire


on site foundation or solid ground


tempered safety glass clear


dimensions in mm item no. colour system performance light direction price excl. tax
90073 aluminium brushed, anodized 10,3 W/840 lm 898.00 €
anchorage unit
dimensions in mm item no. material price excl. tax

stainless steel PU-coating black

68.00 €
dimensions in mm item no. installation protection class price excl. tax

connection terminal 3 x 2,5 mm²


26.00 €

Caring & Useful information

Our luminaires have been designed to do their job for many years. But we need a little help from you to make sure that they don't lose their looks as the years go by! Please clean your luminaires regularly. And please also remember that every material and every environment needs a different kind of care.

Application areas

All environments differ. The same goes for the material properties of our luminaires. Please consult us if you intend to use our products near the coast or in the vicinity of a swimming pool. Salt or chlorine particles in the air can make life very difficult for our luminaires. We will gladly provide you with advice and support in choosing the right surface finish.

Caring for anodized aluminium

Anodized aluminium has a specially applied protection coating to prevent impurities and deposits so that it retains its pure surface for a long time. It can be cleaned with a gentle, solvent-free household cleaner.